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I was first introduced to I Need An Adult’s music on twitter. I spent an afternoon listening to everything on their reverbnation page, and was instantly drawn to their mix of dark humor and bloody lyrics. They’ve got a pretty impressive catalog for only two years. We got to talking, and a few DM’s later, I got ahold of vocals for a song called Lost In Another Reality to remix. They said if they liked the it they’d put it on their mixtape, and seemed pretty receptive to hear what I’d come up with.


Can’t Cope The Mixtape

Can’t Cope – The Mixtape dropped today, and I’ve gotta give them props. They sent me an early copy I’ve had it on repeat the last few days. These guys went off. You got beats from artists ranging from Necro to Wu-tang clan laced with INAA’s signature filthy style, and glued together with obscure samples. It’s a solid mixtape, so check that shit out.

You can stream or download for free @

They keep busy in the studio too. I sent them a beat, and they sent me a sick demo back in about a day even though they were simultaneously making a video for Die Mutha Fucka Remix.

I was blown away when I played the demo. Since then I’ve been dying to get the vocals back to mix the track and release it. So that’s coming soon. They’ve also got a Halloween themed mixtape dropping sometime in October. I can’t wait to hear what’s next from them.

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