Category: Updates

First of all, HAPPY MOTHERFUCKING JUGGALO DAY! If you’re not down, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about, but that’s cool. I started working on an ICP remix I was going to drop today, but wasn’t able to get it completed on time. It’s not that I’m a slacker, I mean I am, but I’ve been extra crazy busy these past few weeks.

See, I just bought a brand new ride, and we’ve had a ton of that white death dropped out of the sky on us. I’ve been stupid busy working on five different projects and dealing with the day job has basically rendered my creativity to zero. On top of that I dropped Monster, and soda out of my life.

In a nutshell, I’ve got a ton of shit I’m dealing with, and the good changes I’m making are getting harder to stick with. My goal is to make it 30 days, and I know it’ll be worth it. I’ve also got my workspace torn apart, with a brand new desk I need to make room for, and assemble. I’ve realized that all this at once is killing me, so I’m taking a step back for a few days to catch my breath.

I feel so much better these past few days. Less stress, and more creativity flowing. I’ve had time to write a new song, so that’ll be dropping shortly. It’s a throwback to my breakbeat days, with all the synth sound design created from scratch. I’ve still gotta give it some love but it’s fully written at least. I’m pretty Geeked about it.

I’ve also been working out a new mixtape full of all the songs I’ve been playing lately. I picked up a NI Z10, and have been mixing in tractor. It’s been fun as hell. That’ll prolly be done sometime in the next few weeks, depending on me getting my new workspace in order.

Hope your February is kicking major ass. If your heading to the show, be safe! I wish I was!