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 January Has been pretty badass so far. I’ve got a ton more to get on here, but these are just a few things I’m currently enjoying, and want to share with you.


Automatic Static Jan 2014 by Dj Icey

If you don’t know about Icey, you should. He’s been dropping beats and bass for years, and always manages to crush everything he touches. His newest mix KILLS, and I’ve had it on repeat since it dropped.


Faygoluvers posted my Rittz bootleg



I didn’t have the site up to post about it, but it was very pleasantly surprised to find Faygoluvers posted this. Even if they did spell my name wrong. Thanks to everyone that showed love to this remix on twitter and by voting, or hitting the Facebook and Twitter share buttons! Ya’ll are the shit! The track is still up if you want to throw it a like/tweet/comment or whatever. Lets get it to the top!




ImageLine dropped ILRemote on my head like a ton of bricks. It’s an app for iOS and Android that links to FL Studio and controls pretty much anything inside FL that you can think of. You can even make your own custom setup in SECONDS.  Did I mention this app is FREE?! They’ve pretty much made the majority of my gear necessary, and that’s not a bad thing. I can rock shit with a laptop, and phone, or ipad! I’m having a blast with this, I’ll make some vids soon!